Audio Digitisation Services

Audio recordings may be on mecanical, magnetic or optical carriers.

At Vectracom, we have all the ressources to digitise almost any kind of legacy audio carrier.

  • A large collection of Players that we use exclusively to provide services and help digitising video content.
    • Turntables
    • 1/4 ” open reel players
    • DAT and compact cassettes players
    • Minidisc players
    • U-Matic players
    • CD players
    • Multi-tracks players
  • A large collection of equipment to repair, clean and bake the carriers when required.
  • Optimised software that we developped during the last 20 years
  • Optimised processes to prepare, digitise, format, verify and catalog video content.
  • Qualified experts specialising in the digitisation of audiovisual heritage

We can manage any size of archive from small to large volumes with hundreds of thousands of carriers.

Our speciality is definitely for large volumes as we have developped a lot of skills to manage all aspects of such archives.

We take care of all aspects of the digitisation projects, from logistics to digitisation and quality control.

The job can be done in our premises, in your premises or near the archives to avoid any risk while moving them.