Films Re-Mastering

Vectracom purchased recently high quality scanners to enhance its range of digitization tools and to propose re-mastering of films with 4K resolution.

The company is also equipped with the latest and top of the art software from Digital Vision and DaVinci to realize the best feasible restoration and color grading that can be achieved today.

This is quite different from Digitization for preservation. In the case of Re-Mastering, the media is restored in the best possible quality (according to budget) with the idea to broadcast it or to edit the content rapidly.


We can start from the copies that you have from the negative rushes to the positive screening copy. According to budgets and quality expectations, we’ll provide advices to have the best possible final quality. Most of the times, a mix is used.
Whatever you can provide for the audio, we’ll able to deal with it as well: COMMAG, SEPMAG, COMOPT, SEPOPT.