The preservation of audiovisual heritage can be done in various ways.
1) Preventive preservation, which consists in keeping contents in their original media, as it stands.
2) Curative preservation, which consists in digitising material under the best possible conditions.
As Digital technology progresses, this second method appears now as the only legitimate way to preserve audiovisual heritage.

The preservation of audiovisual heritage or audiovisual content is made of 3 main domains:

  • First, our digitization services allow to transfer the media into standardized files whatever your current physical carriers are (magnetic or optical)/(cassette, tape, disc or film). The job can be done in vectracom premises or at the archives location thanks to our mobile systems and teams. In both cases, there’s no compromise with the quality. We are ISO 9001 certified and apply processes that have been designed and improved over many years.
Digitisation Services / Mobile System Preparation
  • Digitization is the enabler for preservation and access. Our Digital Services allow you to preserve your valuable assets on a digital platform. Your assets are easily accessible for browsing, indexing and sharing. From this platform, you can distribute them all over the world to partners, customers and followers.
Digital Storage & Distribution Services
  • Finally, to better take advantage of the value of your asset and monetise them, we propose metadata enrichment services to create or improve the set of each element to make it easy to find and use.
Metadata Enrichment Services

In France, Vectracom also offers other services that you can discover on the French side of this web site :