Vectracom digitize the AV heritage of French overseas territories

The giant project to preserve the heritage of RFO, the French public overseas broadcaster has been highlighted on November 12th 2012 during a conference organised by the French senate in their prestigious premises. An information report has been published just after the conferences by M. Serge LARCHER, the president of the senatorial delegation for overseas territories.

During the conference, the advantages of the project and its detailed were explained by INA specialists as they are in charge of its mastery.

The digitization tasks are subcontracted by INA to Vectracom. INA launched in July 2012 an appeal for tenders to digitize contents that are on Betacam or DVC Pro depending the regions. One appeal for tender was taking care of content stored at the center of Outremer 1ère that’s located in Malakoff near Paris. Another one was to manage the assets stored in the 9 overseas territories located all over the world.

Vectracom was awarded both contracts. The project is supposed to be a 6 years project.

A mobile digitization system has been created by Vectracom. It’ll visit the 9 overseas stations of Outremer 1ère during the next 6 years.

It has to digitize in H264 a total of 140 000 hours of programmes. Files will be delivered to the local stations and a copy will be brought back to INA who will take care of their preservation for the long term.