Vectracom partners with Broadcaststore in North America

Vectracom partners with Broadcaststore to offer Preservation Services in North America.

Broadcaststore and Vectracom dedicated their operations to audiovisual heritage preservation from the beginning.

Vectracom is a service company installed since 1991. It’s dedicated to preserve audiovisual heritage. It digitizes from 100 000 hours to 200 000 hours of all types of content every year for broadcasters, administrations, corporates, museums, associations, etc. Vectracom is the private company dedicated to audiovisual mass digitization in Europe.

Broadcaststore is a unique provider of legacy audio and video equipment in the US allowing to take care of all kinds of magnetic recordings. The company owns the key machines to preserve audiovisual heritage.

Together, they are able to answer to the requests of any US and Canadian content holders, whatever the size of the project is. They have all the machines and the best ingest equipment and processes to digitize from small to very large quantities of AV content. Depending the volume, the job is done in the premises of Broadcastore near Los Angeles or at the customer location.