Audiovisual asset digitization

Audiovisual digitisation is Vectracom’s main activity. Regardless of the format in which your media is stored, we will offer you first-class audiovisual digitisation services.

We have audiovisual preservation solutions for you

We digitize most formats (Pal, Pal-M, NTSC or SECAM, others).
You can have 2 inch, 1 inch 1″ A, B or C media, EIAJ, U-Matic low-band or high-band, any type of Betacam, MII, D1, D2, D5, any type of DVCAM or DVCPro, VCR, VHS and S-VHS, Betamax, Video 8, V2000, HDCAM or HDCAM-SR.

Whether it’s shellac, vinyl, CD, DVD, Bluray, HDD or XDCAM discs, we have a solution for you. And we can also help you if you have multi-track media (24, 34, 48), 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch tapes, DATs, music cassettes or minidiscs.

Technology, processes and specialists

Depending on the format and condition of the initial media, some preparation work may be necessary. This involves removing mould and cleaning the media, sometimes in special baths and using microwaves. Then, depending on the media and the size of the project, different solutions are offered for :

We have all the machines, processes, skills and experts to take care of your projects, whatever the format and quantity of your items.

The work can be carried out on our division's premises near Paris or on site, where the original elements are located, so as not to add extra risk by unnecessary transport.