Who we are ?

Vectracom, founded in 1991, offers specialist services in audio and video digitization, metadata creation, film remastering and accessibility of audiovisual content.

Our business

Vectracom preserve, restore and make available, valuable audiovisual content while guaranteeing a high-quality experience for users. Vectracom has a multimedia laboratory (digitization from all types of media, colour grading, image and audio restoration, etc.).

Why choose Vectracom ?

. Expertise that enables us to offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

. International acclaim, fostering innovation, quality, and client satisfaction in robust partnerships.

. Cutting-edge technologies and best practices to guarantee high-quality results.

. A wide range of services, from audio digitization to film remastering and content accessibility.

A strong partnership focused on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing our customers with the expertise they need to meet the challenges of the digital age. Your archives are worth their weight in gold… but for how long? From 2 inches to high definition, give your audiovisual archives the best chance of standing the test of time!

At Vectracom, we know that each archive is unique and requires special attention Our experience enables us to offer “tailor-made” services combined with industrial processes to meet your financial requirements.

  • Inventory of AV archives
  • Technical advice on conservation plans
  • Storage of master tapes
  • Cleaning and preparation of tapes before transfer
  • Real-time digital audio and video restoration
  • Digitization of all audio, video and film formats
  • Multiple simultaneous digitization (high and low compression rates)
  • Generation of metadata and indexing
  • Mass storage of files
  • Media Asset Management solutions