INDIA TV mandates Vectracom to safeguard and digitize its audiovisual heritage

17 Jul 2023 | News

India TV mandates Vectracom, a MEMORIST division, to initiate a plan of safeguard and digitize its audiovisual heritage


INDIA TV, one of India’s leading news channels, has announced the launch of an unprecedented process to modernise access to its content. Vectracom, a MEMORIST company and European leader in the preservation of audiovisual heritage, has been commissioned to digitize the Indian channel, comprising 31,000 hours of content, from July 2023, thereby helping to preserve a unique audiovisual memory.


Preserve audiovisual archives, a unique part of the country’s history

The channel is initiating this massive backup and digitisation plan in order to preserve its audiovisual archives, which represent a unique part of the country’s history. The nature of the threats varies according to the media. Films, video tapes and sound recordings are subject to all kinds of physical, chemical, and biological damage caused by heat, humidity, fungi and insects. Added to these causes are the obsolescence of formats and playback machines, as well as the vulnerability of programmes recorded on a single medium.

Vectracom, a European leader in the preservation of audio, video and film heritage specialising in media digitization solutions, will be working with SRSG, a renowned systems integrator in India, to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

MEMORIST’s division, which usually offers tailor-made solutions to ensure that this type of large-scale project is carried out in the best possible conditions and within the shortest possible timescale, is acting here as project management assistant to provide INDIA TV with its expertise and technical support throughout this major modernisation process.



Vectracom is renowned for its mastery of multi-disciplinary skills


Multi-disciplinary skills (video, audio, film and content metadata management), complex processes, workflows and meticulous methodology for handling a large-scale project within a controlled and monitored timeframe. It will therefore be contributing its expertise and supplying cutting-edge equipment to meet INDIA TV’s specific needs.
The company will also provide its experts and its specially developed interface to facilitate efficient management of the audiovisual digitization process. In short, Vectracom is supporting INDIA TV throughout the production phase to ensure a smooth transition to new, fully digital working methods.


Phase 1 of the digitization of INDIA TV’s video archives is a significant first step in the channel’s digitization programme.

It will give the channel easier access to its archives. It will also enable INDIA TV :

  • The implementation of a multimedia asset management system for easy access to tapeless archives
  • Reducing response times for documentation teams to feed the antenna
  • Facilitating the marketing of content by managing the associated rights



MEMORIST’s involvement in this project confirms the group’s vocation to safeguard all types of heritage


MEMORIST believes that everything that has contributed to the enrichment of cultures deserves to be recorded in the collective memory and preserved for future generations.


“Television and radio archives are often overlooked in this quest for memory, yet they highlight the cultural, historical, social and ethno-sociological specificity of the context in which they emerged,” says Célia Letienne, co-CEO of Vectracom, a MEMORIST division.



They are also powerful tools for promoting the country of origin by presenting its various political, economic, industrial, cultural, religious, tourist and other facets.


“Accompanying this unprecedented project in India, with a channel of this scale, enables MEMORIST to participate in the more global effort to modernise the audiovisual landscape of the country, the world’s leading film industry,” says Laurent Onaïnty, CEO of MEMORIST.




A leading position in safeguarding the world’s audiovisual heritage.


This first intervention in India, a major holder and producer of film content and holdings, makes Vectracom the first European company to deploy this expertise in this key territory of the global audiovisual landscape. This initiative testifies to MEMORIST’s commitment to innovation and modernisation, reinforcing its position as a leader in the preservation of audiovisual heritage worldwide.

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